Cancellation time! Finished mounting all the separate values of the Beatrix series! Phew! While I was doing that I wondered whether it might be a great idea to not collect a whole set but concentrate on one particular rate, e.g. the inland letter rate. Most definitive sets will include stamps for that rate (apart from separately issued high values) and as these will have been in great demand, lots of reprints will have been made, so lots of different formats and varieties to be found! If I look at the size of my current Beatrix collection, some 18 out of the 64 pages deal with stamps for the inland letter rate. You could then expand, and chronicle the whole history of the inland letter rate of that particular country from the present day back to when stamps had still to be invented! Sounds great! Must think this over!

But today I turned my attention to cancellations. As far as everyday cancellations is concerned, the only thing that I find of any interest at all are the small circular date stamps. It's a bit like collecting the Dutch small circular date stamps of the late 1800s/early 1900s, in that they are small and would therefore fit nicely on a small format definitive, so they would make a nice collection. The good thing is, there are only 43 different place names to collect. The down side is, most of the used copies you find are from the major sorting offices, so you come across Amsterdam and Rotterdam quite often, but try and find a good "Bergen op Zoom" or "Oosterhout"! Apparently, some of the smaller offices only use this type of cancellation during peak periods, e.g. Christmas, so that makes it even harder!

I've got 13 so far, which is a nice start, but I do want to get up to the maximum target! So if you happen to have any spare Beatrix definitives and they have a nice cancellation, do get in touch and maybe we can sort something out!

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