I'm entertaining at the moment, rather than thinking stamps, so I'm not here everyday and will do just a quickie today. Another famous flaw on the Beatrix definitives. This one is very easy to spot, and happened on the first portrait cylinder for the euro values. It is a small vertical scratch to the left of the queen's neck (when viewing the stamp) and can be found on almost all original euro values, I believe on six values (to quote from memory).

I've just been given a bag of unsorted office mail clippings from a former neighbour of mine in Holland (thank you, May!) and there's lots of Beatrixes in there as well, but I couldn't find anything special after the first quick glance. But will have to look properly to see if any of the smaller varieties happen to be in there. It's always good fun to go through bags like these, especially if they come from a non-philatelic source. But more about that one later!




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