This is one of my future series, but I just came across this cover so I thought I'd show it today. It is a postcard with the ship cancellation "POSTAGENT BATAVIA AMSTERDAM" and the date 11(?) April 1915. I understand that this cancellation had been in use since 7 January 1904. I don't know much about the use of this type of cancellation.

I suppose mail on board a ship was cancelled with this type of cancel, shipped from Batavia to Amsterdam and there dispatched for delivery. But who was this service for? And how does a Dutch stamp get on it, if it is sent from Batavia? Was this a regular postal service between Amsterdam and Batavia, allowing everyone (or merely ex-pats?) to use the service, with Dutch stamps being sold on board? Does anyone know anything about this (or similar maritime postal services?) Hope so!

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