Damaged stamp? Chuck cover in the bin? NO!! It may look a bit tatty and worn, but these coil stamp covers are worth hanging on to. Coil stamps are often obtained from stamp dispensing machines, either as a single stamp or stuck onto the cover directly by that same machine. If the machine is not adjusted properly, it may not dispense properly cut stamps but slightly miscut stamps. If this goes on and on it will eventually dispense stamps which it has cut more or less through the middle. Covers with these stamps on are a real bonus!

Especially when we are dealing with older coil stamps, from the times they did not have a printed number on the back or special perforations or whatever. A miscut stamp on cover is usually the only way to determine positively that a stamp is a coil stamp and not a sheet stamp. Stamps off cover are to easy to fiddle with, so the older stamps should be collected on cover.

If you're not a cover collector but do want to have older coil stamps off cover, it is worth looking out for stamps with paper joints as these only happen on coil stamps too. But beware of forgeries!

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