I've just asked to be a member of the Helvetia Philatelic Society here in the UK and I was kindly sent some old newsletters. As soon as I opened the first one, I read what I had been wondering about for some time. I picked up this cover the other day and was told it was special, but I hadn't yet found out why.
This cover is franked with 18c: 3c because it was bulk printed matter (50 items or more) and another 15c because it was a cash on delivery item (up to 5f).

As you can see, the stamps are cancelled with a PP cancel. What I've found out is that this cancel was used specifically for the bulk printer matter rate so you'll find it fairly often on the 3c stamp. But to find the cancel on any other stamp is quite unusual !

So it goes to show, you have to read and read and read when you're working on a collection because there is so much philatelic information out there and the more you know, the more interesting your collection becomes!

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Hi Adrian!
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