Where was I... yes, those bags full of 'unsorted' stamps. I'm usually quite weary of those as 'unpicked' usually means 'nothing much of interest left in there'. But when you're looking for specific things like varieties or postmarks you could be lucky, for not everybody knows what to look for or can be bothered!

That's why I bought this bag of some thousand used 10c Landschaftsbilder the other day. I was hoping I'd find something interesting cancellation wise (like a large 'postage due' T cancellation) and I was trying to get some shades together.

But what I found was a used coil stamp with the full numeral still intact, albeit rather vague. The early Landschaftsbilder coil stamps were unnumbered but from 1936 onwards there was a number printed on the back of every fifth stamp. Now, these numbers were printed over the gum, so used copies usually have lost their numbers. But sometimes there is still a bit of residue left and if you're lucky you'll be able to find a used coil with the full numeral still visible.

The scan does not really do this justice but the numeral here is J1435.

So you see, you can sometimes find interesting items in those dubious unsorted bags! My find made the buy worth while in one go and I've only sorted like 1/10th of the whole bag!



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