Every now and then I think about Machins... and what to do with them. And every time I think I know the answer, I get bogged down again. Sigh...

It's just that there are so many and I'm always obsessed with completeness and I know that that is just not really feasible. But when I think, let's just do singles, then I think of all these lovely cylinder blocks and date blocks that I already have. And when I start to mount my blocks, I think it just doesn't look great and it's boring and I should really be doing singles.

So I've come up with two new ideas which I will think about for a while. The first one is based on the fact that the early recess-printed high values are among my favourites. So why not just do all the recess-printed Machins and make a collection of those? It would be more feasible to have some sort of complete collection of those.

The second idea is the one I'm a bit more serious about, and that is to build up collections of the various printers that printed Machins. This is based on the fact that I always liked the Enschedé stamps best. The good thing about this is that I can leave the bulk for a while (printed by Harrison) and concentrate on the "other printers" as they're usually called. I could then perhaps concentrate on the various printing developments of each printer, don't need to bother with having every cylinder and date block of each value but just have a complete-ish singles collection with a few blocks to illustrate the facts. Mmhh, I could be on to something here!



Anonymous said…
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