Well, this is a first! Me getting excited about GB commemoratives! But this stamp is so beautiful and I've always loved this picture so I had to have it and show it to you!

I went to the Castle Douglas post office yesterday and asked for 10 of those, not realizing that the issue comes in 10 designs and 25 stamps per sheet so the poor guy had to rip up four sheets to get those 10 individual stamps out! But he was very obliging!

And here's a rather stretched link with me: Viriginia Woolf was a writer in the early 1900s (and a wonderful writer too! Try and read Orlando!) who was acquainted with Vita Sackville-West (again a fantastic writer) who at one time had a very stormy relationship with Violet (beautifully chronicled in Ben Nicholson's "Portrait of a Marriage", another must-read!) who was the daughter of Alice Keppel (she the mistress of King Edward VII) who were both depicted on another GB stamp and whose surname is the same as mine (not related though, but she is the great-great-grandmother (hope I get the number of "greats" right, here) of Camilla, wife of Prince Charles!

It's a small world!