The Italians know a thing or two about definitives. They have wonderful series such as the "Woman in Art" set, the current "Alti Valori" high values, the Michelangelo set of 1961, etc.

One of my all time favourites is the Castles set of 1980.There's plenty of those around in kiloware and when you have a minute, go and find some easy to spot varieties. We're dealing here with the following values: 200l, 250l, 300l and 450l.

The original stamps are a combination of recess and litho.

In 1994 these four stamps were reprinted in photogravure. That makes them look different but just to make sure you're not imagining things: the reprints have a dash between IPZS and Roma.

The stamps you don't often see (I hadn't seen any up to getting the whole set mint) are the coil stamps. They are smaller and printed in one colour. They're just as nice though and make a nice addition to the normal set.



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