I received a comment regarding this set the other day, referring me to a naval heroes website. The address is:

It's a very informative website about the heroes depicted on the stamps but you must be able to read Dutch! However, even if you can't, just go to "Opmerkingen" (all the way down) and click on the link at no. 3 and you'll be directed to another nice site about stamps of Zeeland (one of the Dutch provinces and yes, the old version of New Zealand) and that site is in English. There's some information about this naval heroes set as well, what with three of them having been born in Zeeland and all from the same Evertsen family as well !

Great stuff! Thanks Toon!



cddstamps said…
Adrian.. I keep meaning to say.. you have to have one of the - if not the best - stamps blogs around.. I do enjoy reading you.

Great piece on postcards and stamps and also the Machins..

Best wishes.. Michael