When I was browsing through the postcard section of Ebay the other day, I suddenly thought it might be a good idea to see if I could find postcards of the views that are depicted on the landscapes set. I didn't want any modern ones or artist's impressions or such, I just wanted good old photographic images of the sites.

I couldn't believe my eyes that within minutes I had found a postcard of the St Gotthard railway which looked exactly like the 20c stamp!

Isn't it amazing?! I found lots of others too, and now there's only three proving hard to find. I did finally find a postcard depicting Lake Seealp and Mt Säntis (40c stamp) just recently but that was from Poland and the write-up was so confusing (and mainly in Polish) that I did not go for that one. But at least I know there's one there so I'll find it eventually!