Hello, I'm back! Still full of memories of my trip to France. I love Paris! Even though it was August and most Parisiens had left the city to the tourists, it was still great. And not too hot!

Anyway, I was so happy parading along the streets and sites and shops that I even went into a post office and got myself that Mozart miniature sheet. And I don't even like Mozart! But I somehow I like this miniature sheet, even though the sheet and the stamps seem miles apart, designwise.

I never knew there was a link between the two (France and Mozart, that is) but apparently the family lived there for a while before he left after his mother died.

Anyway, I got some more serious stuff as well but that will have to wait 'til my next post. Got some work to catch up with!

À bientôt!



Eric said…
Hi Adrian

I'm glad you enjoyed Paris and that you had a great time.
About the Mozart sheet/stamps I rather like the stamps (the gold background is impressive) but I do not really like the souvenir sheet. I agree that they don't really match together. For you information, the stamps are also sold separately without the red cross surtaxe. The surtaxe is only on the souvenir sheet.
Take care
Anonymous said…
More information about the stamps' design : they were designed by Valérie Besser who usually make stamps out of photographs or paintings.

For the Mozart issue, she worked on costums designed for the Opéra de Paris, whose drawings are kept by the Bibliothèque nationale de France. She said she just kept the characters and add the same golden background to make people think the drawings were made especially for the issue.

Sources : "Timbres magazine" of June 2006