Here's another postcard produced for Stampex (2002), this time showing "a preliminary version of the accepted design by Enid Marx for the low value Wilding definitives". I love the Wildings series and was very happy when I found out that this card was to be produced. I even went to London to make sure I got one.

This is the end result (sorry, couldn't find my mint Wildings quickly enough, so I had to scan a used copy).

As you can see, the main change was that all the values and lettering are now down below, rather than at the top and bottom, which is indeed an improvement I think, makes the design less cluttered up.

Take a look at the diadem too. When Queen Elizabeth saw the photographs taken especially for this set, she was very unhappy with the position of the diadem. It was placed too far backwards. There was no time to make new photographs (this is way before digital cameras were even dreamt of!) so some fiddling had to be done to the actual portrait.

The cross at the front was placed a bit more upwards, giving the impression that the whole diadem was placed a bit more upwards. The portrait on the card is the original one, the portrait on the stamp is the retouched version.