I'm a lucky man! Not only have I finally been able to lay my hands on a few Swiss landscapes definitives booklets, but now I've even managed to get a part sheet, made for booklet panes!

These booklet panes contain 2 rows of 3 stamps and are printed in sheets of 10 rows of 10 stamps, the 10th "stamp" being a stamp-size unprinted label in the sheet to make the margin for collation into booklets.

This item is the left part of a sheet, out of which 2 columns of booklets could be made (hence the tête-bêche pairs, to make it clear where the sheet should be cut). The part that is missing is the second half of the unprinted label and three more stamps.

These sheets had been made available to collectors from the early 1900s, but most were split up in tête-bêche pairs and interspace pairs. So whole or part sheets are hard to come by.

The unprinted labels could be used by forgerers, so they were perforated through the middle.



nnnnnn said…
stunning sheet.. well done on getting it and thanks for showing it..