I was sorting some Australia last night and came upon a number of souvenir sheets. I had won one in one of Michael's fantastic 'give away' competitions (see his CDDstamps weblog) and he very kindly sent me two more!

They are great souvenir sheets because they all show unadopted essays for stamp issues. Items like these are usually the only way to show essays and proofs etc. in your collection for the real stuff is often either unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

I especially liked this one, with essays for the 1927 issue "Opening of Parliament House". The sheet very cleverly incorporates three unadopted essays and part of the design for the issue that finally was adopted.

Note however, that it is not just a reproduction of the actual stamp, for all the wordings on the stamp cannot be seen on the souvenir sheet. So this could well be a preliminary engraving of the final stamp image, or maybe the image has just been fiddled with for the sheet. You never know these days with all these computer facilities!




nnnnnn said…
Arian, Hi.. good piece.. thanks for the plug.. I have some more of those if you are interested.. and am in UK in 7 days.. I can mail them local if you are interested and with the new postage.. have you seen this online stamp capability yet.? would make an interesting article me thinks..

best wishes.. Michael