One of the Queen Elizabeth portraits on the Hong Kong definitives I showed you the other day has been used on many other definitives, again often only as small part of the design, but Fiji has used the portrait as main part of the design.

The stamps were part of larger sets with other designs and can be found with two different panels at the bottom. The stamps have been in circulation for quite a long time.

The portrait is part of a painting by Annigoni. I believe that Australia has recently issued a stamp with the full painting on it, but usually you just find the cropped picture of the head on stamps. Together with the Wilding portraits (and the Machin head of course) I think this is the most beautiful stamp portrayal of Queen Elizabeth and I can well understand that in those early days of her reign, the stamps with the portraits of a young, beautiful queen were heralded as those from "the new era". Oh happy days.....