I bet you didn't sleep well last night, wondering what I was on about yesterday! Well, I won't leave you in suspense any longer, for the series I was on about is obviously:

The Machin set!

Yes, the Hongkongese (is that a word?) have had the same pleasure as the British to be able to stick Machin heads on their mail for years and years! And collectors will be pleased to know that there are almost as many varieties in this set as in its British counterpart.

We have different printers (Enschedé from Holland being the main one), different paper, with or without watermark, different fluor, sheets, coils, booklets, miniature sheets, prestige booklets; you name it, it is there! The basic set (= one of each value and colour and phosphor variations) runs to 69 stamps and when you count some extra varieties you'll end up with over a 100 stamps.

As you can see from the scan, the lower values are of the regular Machin size and the higher values are larger. The large stamps also have a larger corner perforations as extra security measure, but that is not that easy to see on single stamps. It's a lovely colourful set which would make quite a nice collection. One day, when I will have been able to lay my hands on booklet panes and/or miniature sheets, I'll show you some more.

Take care