Here is the second strip of Manx birds.

This strip concentrates more on the "land birds" rather than the sea birds of the previous strip. Again I will show you two of them in better detail.

The first one is the goldcrest. This is the stamp for which I bought the set. Wonderful artwork. The goldcrest is a very common bird with a very thin, high-pitched call. Unmistakable, really. It is the tiniest bird in Europe. They are easy to approach and a wonderful sight to behold.

Another petite little thing is the wren. Again easy to recognise because of its tail which is almost always raised vertically. Apparently the male makes a number of nests in springtime and then shows them all to "his" female who will choose the best one! Isn't that cute!?

Talking of cute: I'll have one more go at cute next time and then it's back to some more serious stuff!