The first set of the pictorial Welsh definitives (that is the set without white borders) was basically only printed in sheets. The 2nd class stamp, however, was also incorporated in a prestige booklet called "Treasury of Trees". As the title implies, the booklet had a leafy theme, and the 2nd class stamp (design cut out in sycamore wood) fitted in beautifully. Those prestige booklets are mainly made up of panes of special stamps but there is always one definitive pane as well, and these are usually very interesting, in that they yield various se-tenant pairs. These panes are also usually the source for stamps printed by different printers or with different phosphor band layouts. The same goes for this 2nd class stamp. The stamps form lovely pairs with the Millennium Machins. The normal sheet stamps have one centre phosphor band but on this pane they have one phosphor band at the right side.

I think this is a beautiful pane as far as design and colour is concerned. It all works together very well, so I'm glad I've finally been able to add it to my Welsh pictorials!