Last time I showed you the "puntstempel" cancellations and mentioned there were two other common cancellations on this series. One of those is the "kleinrondstempel" or small circular circulation (no points for guessing what the third one will be). These were in use during the period of this definitive set. This type of cancellation can be subdivided into six categories, the main two being post offices and sub post offices. It's easy to distinguish between the two for the hour indication is different.

Post office cancellations have a 1, 2 or 6 hourly cancellation, shown here on the 12.5c (AMSTERDAM, 5-6N, 21 SEP 96).

Sub post office cancellations have a 4 or 8 hourly cancellation, shown here on the 10c (RIDDERKERK 12-8V, 18 OCT 98).

I'm going to go to Scotex (biggest stamp fair in Scotland) on Saturday and hope to pick up some more decent copies of all the cancellations, for these have all just been picked out of kiloware bags and are "fair" to say the most, but basically they just won't do. So I hope to show you some better copies next time!