Okay, final bit on this set! We're off to the high values! These were issued from 1893 onwards. They are slightly larger and printed in two colours! There are three print runs to distinguish. This is quite easy because they all have different perforations!

The first print run dates from October 1893. The 2g50 was the only value to be printed (and issued) and it turned out to be the only value printed with the old natural dyes. These stamps are line perf 11.5.

The second print run dates from 1896. Three values were produced: the 50c, 1g and a reprint of the 2g50. These stamps were printed with the new synthetic dyes and are line perf 11.5 x 11.

The third and last print run dated from 1896-1898, all four values (the 5g being the new value) were printed, with line perf 11, but I haven't got any examples to show you from this print run.


I mentioned this before some time ago: there is a virtual exhibition to enjoy here: .
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