Hi everybody,
I've just come back from our annual South West Congress in Ayr. A great do with lots of dealers and friends. What I like about these regional congresses (as opposed to the national (=Scottish) ones), is that it's a great time for catching up with friends.

This year our Society hosted the event and we designed a cover to go with it. These covers were very kindly cancelled by the Kirkcudbright post office, making them even more special.

The two themes of the cover are our Society's 40th Anniversary and the 50th Anniversary of the Robert Burns stamps of Russia (Burns being our "local lad" turned national poet). As you can see, even the images of the Russian stamps have been cancelled by Kirkcudbright, which sort of borders on the illegal I think, but there you go.

One of the great things I picked up yesterday was a card from Dundrennan where I live. Dundrennan is best known for its abbey (Mary Queen of Scots spent her last night on Scottish soil here before she took a boat to England, never to return again....) so most post cards will show the abbey. Postcards with a view of the actual village are rare, and this one sort of hangs in the middle, as some houses of the main street are visible from the back.

But I really bought the card because of the Dundrennan cancellation. Dundrennan used to have a sub-post office, but as far as I know they were not permitted to cancel mail. I believe they were only allowed to cancel incoming parcels that were sent on to Kirkcudbright (the "post town"). It could well be, however, that local mail (this card was sent to Southwick) was being cancelled in the Dundrennan sub-post office, I must look into that.

It could well be that darling Nellie tried to fool the postal system by adding "By Dalbeattie" which is close to Dundrennan, but the address has been amended by adding Df for Dumfries, which is anything but local. Nice one!