I promised (well, sort of) you this some days ago, so here we are. I was mounting this 1961/1962 set from West Berlin (also issued in West Germany without the "BERLIN" caption) when I suddenly saw in the catalogue that some values were recess-printed. Now I had always thought the whole set was printed in letterpress, so I was quite amazed. It appears that the lower values (up to 25pf) are letterpress and the higher values (from 30pf) are recess-printed. You don't even notice it that well, because you can hardly see any difference as far as the portraits is concerned. But the border gives it away.

The letterpress version has a solid coloured border

and the recess-printed stamps have a border existing of very fine lines.

Hope the scans show this good enough for you.

So you see, you must LOOK at the stamps you have, and not just collect them!




Anonymous said…
nice :)..