Quezonpex 3 ( http://www.freewebs.com/maeca68 ) is showing more and more displays! Have a look at number 26, the display about the Bulgarian small lion issues (1889-1901). What a feast for the eyes. I would love to see that for real.

I'm afraid I only have four miserly copies of these stamps so forgive me for not being able to show you a decent stamp!

And it is such a coincidence: only last week did I get the latest brochures from Vaccari, a great Italian dealer (and publisher) in philatelic books, both new and second hand, and even though I have to send for those from Italy, it's so much cheaper than getting the stuff over here! Have a look: www.vaccari.it . (No, I do not have shares or any other interest in this company, I'm just very happy with their service!).

In their latest mailing they advertised a book about the early Bulgarian stamps and I had been tempted to buy that one (it's in English!). To be honest, I had just about decided not to as you can't buy everything you like, but seeing this display made me all enthusiastic again, and I love European stamps, so I may order it after all, or it would make a great Christmas pressie! MMhh, better wake the home front up right away!