Funny how some countries never issue them, whereas others have made them into annually returning highlights of their stamp issuing programmes: the charity issues!

The Dutch have been issuing charity issues ever since 1906, and came with two annual series for child charities and social welfare charities ever since 1924 (excluding a number of years like during the war).

Besides these two regulars in the programme, every now and then extra charity issues were produced, in aid of e.g. the Red Cross or the organisation to combat cancer, the "Koningin Wilhelmina Fonds". One of these, issued in 1969, is shown here.

The design is very typical of Dutch designs in the late 1960s, with stylized motives. These corner copies still show the counting numbers in the right-hand margin, running from 10 to 1. On the left-hand side they would run from 1 to 10.