Among eastern countries, Persia (file under Iran) is the only one to display the Lion, dividing the honours with the sun for chief place upon the stamps.

The first stamps appeared from 1868 onwards. These stamps were imperforate and printed in letterpress. Quite a few shades exist. Note that as a rule all cancels on these stamps are forgeries because these stamps were not cancelled when used.

The second set appeared from 1875 onwards and is very much like the first one, only the value is now also given in "Western" script, under the belly of the lion.

There are colour shades, paper types and reprints to be collected, and stamps from the second set can be found both imperf and rouletted. It's a bit of minefield, like so many of these "exotic" old sets, but that's the fun of stamp collecting, isn't it?!



Persiphila said…
The first lion stamps of Iran was issued in 1870. The image of the stamp in red color on yellow paper shown here is the image of a forgery of 1878 One Kran stamp.
Mehrdad Sadri