Just had a few busy days and not much time for stamps, but I'm back now, ready to continue (are you bored with it, yet?) with the roaring lions on stamps. Have you found out yet where to look for the British Arms on non-British stamps? Well, it's Hanover of all places! And why on earth would you find the British Arms on the stamps of a German kingdom? That's an easy one: Hanover has a right to these Arms through the Georgian kings of Britain.

The Arms appear on the very first issue of Hanover. Again it's a tricky set with lots of reprints and lots of forgeries around, so I'm not 100% sure that the copies I show you are the genuine thing, but they will do for this sort of collection. The stamps were first issued from 1850-1855. These are the values on plain, coloured paper.

From 1855 to 1857, a number of values appeared on paper with a fine coloured mesh.

Again, numerous reprints exist, my catalogue even states that 95% of mint meshed stamps in circulation will be reprints! So stay well clear unless you feel like spending the rest of your life specializing!