I was just putting away the new set of Marianne definitives from France which Eric so very kindly got for me (merci encore!), when I noticed that they look quite different from the earlier printings. Here's an example of the new 70c stamp.

First of all, the new version is printed on much whiter paper but the image itself is so much clearer than the old 70c shown below.

You will notice, too, that the name in the bottom has changed from ITVF into Phil@poste, but that is just a change of brand name, I believe.

I've had a closer look at the definitives I already have and found new type printings with the old ITVF name as well, so that's not it. I suppose either a new die has been made or the printing method has changed. Mmhhh, who knows more?!



S├ębastien said…
I am not a specialist, but maybe this page ( from the Cercle des amis de Marianne can help you.
S├ębastien said…
Puzzle link :