Funny how one thing can lead to another!

There's a new blogger on the scene, Sébastien, and you'll find his blog address in my list on the left so go and have a look, for when you're only just starting out, you'll need all the support and encouragement you can get!

He also very kindly gave me two links for my Marianne de Lamouche queries, so I'll have to sort that out too, soon. Thanks for that, Sébastien!

When I read his latest entry, I noticed he had a link to the Martin Mörck website. Now, Martin Mörck is a very prolific stamp engraver, who is sure to be the next "Slania" as far as quality and quantity is concerned! He has been engraving stamps since the 1970s so he has already quite a large oeuvre!

What I liked very much on his website was the bit about stamp engraving. Go to "Presentation" and then to "The Process of Stamp engraving". Very interesting indeed!

And here's the stamp that's being produced.




Sébastien said…
Hello and thanks for the referencing.

At the last Salon philatélique d'automne in Paris, the chief editor of "Timbres magazine" seems to plan a filmed interview with Mörck, like he did with Pierre Albuisson for a DVD.

This magazine has his website : French).