I've just come back from a philatelic congress in the Fair City of Perth (that's the original Perth in Bonnie Scotland, not the nice and warm and sunny place down under). I love going to these congresses! We have quite an active collectors' community here in Scotland, so it's great to see old friends and familiar faces. And it's nice too because it's not just a fair, there are competition displays, there's a dinner, a top guy (or girl) gives a special display, and there are speeches. The majority usually stay at the same hotel, so it's stamps, stamps, stamps from breakfast to night cap! Great stuff!

But it's also a chance to help those dealers get rid of all those Wilhelmina items that nobody else seems to want! Lucky me! I've found some great material and I will be scanning them and showing them over the coming weeks/months. There was also a French dealer there for the first time, who had some lovely material. Pity I didn't bring my French want lists! But he's promised to be there in October as well, so hopefully I'll get something off him then!