So I went and done what Michael always says one shouldn't: I placed a bid on an item without reading the description properly! But, to my defence, it was placed among all those Hong Kong Machins items so I got carried away and never realized that this particular item had nothing to do with the beloved Machins!

Oh well, it turned out to be a nice enough item anyway, for when I received it, and looked at it more closely, I noticed these fancy perforations (sorry, there's no better word for it!). I immediately looked at the other values from this set which I already had, and found that they all had this type of perforation! The only thing is that, them being singles, you don't notice it. Which is good, for they are security perforations after all! The item shown here is from booklet panes, but since all my stamps have the same perforation, I suppose that the ordinary sheet stamps had this perf type as well.



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mooi hoor