I picked up this letter sheet at Congress the other day. I quite liked it, even though its condition is far from ideal (sorry Michael, but then I paid hardly anything for it!).

I had a quick browse on the net and found that similar items exist. Look here: http://timbreposte.free.fr/mag-timbre/la-semeuse/semeuse-diverses.html

My item has been cancelled on 15-10-1918, the one shown on that website on 13-05-1917. Does anyone know any more about these letter sheets? Were they privately produced or official issues (my copy seems to be issued by "Le Zoni" in Nimes)? When were they issued? And what does "déposé" mean, is that just to do with copyright of the semeuse image? Answers on a letter sheet please (or e-mail will do fine as well!)



nnnnnn said…
Adrian, Hi.. I have been away as well.. been to Indiam then Macau and Honk Kong and then India, been awaythree weeks and am so far nehind with mail and stamp reading.

I like the cover by the way and it is a good example for where something in less than ideal ocndition is a good find. eeven if not cheap sometimes items like covers which are our of the ordinary so to speak are ok lik ethis.. well done on the find

Best wishes. Michael