We have a new weblogger on the scene, from Canada. He's only just started but it already looks very interesting and promising! Have a look at his site (see link on the left, the Canadian Philatelist). I had therefore better do something Canadian today! So here goes:
In the "New World", the main migration routes are north to south from Alaska and Canada down to Central and South America. In 1995, Canada issued a set of migratory species which included two birds: the Belted Kingfisher,

and the Northern Pintail.

The designs include the lines of migration and a map showing the breeding areas in northern North America and the wintering regions in Mexico and Central America.

By the way, there are two versions of the kingfisher stamp. The first print run had the "f" of "faune migratrice" missing. This was corrected in later print runs. Shown here is the corrected version.