1840 - 1940
I'm in one of those moods. A Dangerous Mood! A mood in which I'm apt to change my collecting habits completely. This usually means I'm fed up with what I'm doing and long to do something completely different. I was sorting my Antioquia stamps yesterday and was browsing through some other countries starting with an "A", when I suddenly realized I don't really like all that modern stuff and I spend way too much time sorting all those, so wouldn't it be great to forget about them and build on a beautiful collection of old stamps only. The real classic stuff. So basically the stamps issued between 1840 and 1940. A century of stamps. Les classiques du monde!

I know that Yvert & Tellier have issued a catalogue of that name and I would be interested to know whether any one of you have that catalogue at home (knowing I've got a few French collectors reading me!). If you do, let me know!

This would also mean that I can incorporate many of my definitive collections, like the French Semeuse, the Italian Floreale, most of my Swiss Landschaftsbilder, etc. And I wouldn't have to bother about my Machins anymore! Would I be able to let go, though?...

Many more ideas running through my head, keep it as a proper, old-fashioned stamp collection, so no covers (am no good with those anyway), but try and specialize as much as possible (i.e. as far as my budget ill allow me!). Would love to do an all mint collection but that would be way too expensive I'm afraid and very fine used will be lovely as well (and still way too expensive, I would imagine!).

I will of course keep all the modern suff for the time being, but not spend any time on it. All this, by the way, of course next to my Wilhelmina collection which I enjoy very much and will keep on adding to.

Mmhh, raring to go already! Do you think I'm mad? Again, let me know your thoughts or doubts!



nnnnnn said…
Adrian, Hi.. couldn't agree more with you... as I am sure you know..

Loved the piece on the GB scenes by the way.. how right you are

Best wishes..Michael