I think I'm on a roll, here! Still very much enthralled with the classics idea! Because you see, these are the sort of beauties you get to work with:

Hand engraved, mind! And not all stamps from that era are expensive, you see, this one will cost you less than a pound, so even with a limited budget you can build up a wonderful collection!

New ideas getting more and more shape. Update: right now I'm thinking of having the following collections:

- Queen Wilhelmina (for the time being as it is, with definitives, commemoratives, postcards, bank notes, cinderella labels, etc. but maybe scaling down to just definitives and do those on a value by value basis);

- 1840 - 1940 Europe specialised (stamps only)

- 1840 - 1940 rest of the world, "just" one of each, no specialisation

- Machins (I can't help it anyway, and I've got so many of them so why ever not)

- Birds of either Britain or Europe.

Well, that should keep me going for a while, eh?!