When I did my last two pieces on the Machin stamps the other day (well, the other month, more likely), I promised you a bit more about the Machin colours. Apart from the fact that the latest issues of March 2007 included the first use of the pink colour for the 16p, there's another colour development. Royal Mail has decided to include the name of the colour in the sheet margins. I'm not sure why, but I've heard rumours about having a bit more consistency with regard to the names of the colours. It appears that most catalogue editors have invented their own names for the colours used, even though all colours have always been given official names by RM. Even the Deegam Machin Handbook couldn't resist inventing a name for some colours, although it is very good in adopting the official names. But it couldn't stomach this one:
Oh well, what's in a name! I don't think this RM policy will change much though, but the names add a bit of colour (pardon the pun) to a Machin collection.


PS: Another update! I'm getting there and have for now finalized my collecting interests as follows:

- 1840-1940 Europe
- 1840-1940 Rest of World
- Netherlands from 1841 onwards
- Machins
- Birds of Britain
We'll see how long I will keep this up!