Thursday, July 26, 2007

The general overprints of the Netherlands Indies stamps can be divided into two main groups: first group is the hand-stamped overprint. This here is the basic overprint for the "Van Konijnenburg" definitives. It reads "Dai Ni Hon Tei Koku Yubin" from left to right. Anyone know any Japanese?

The second group is the machine overprint. There are a number of subtypes to distinguish, because for each type of definitive, a special overprint was designed.

Small machine overprint with bar through NEDERL.INDIE, used on the "Kreisler" definitives.

Small machine overprint used on the low value "Van Konijnenburg" definitives.

Large machine overprint used on the high value "Van Konijnenburg" definitives.

We're off to Celebes next time!


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