The last couple of days I've finally managed to sort my Japanese overprints properly. It hasn't been easy but I think I've got it right on most if not all of them. In the coming days, I'll tell you what I've found, if only to make sure I've got it right in my mind, and because I'm so pleased I managed to get it done! This was one of those collecting areas of Queen Wilhelmina that I had not dared tackle yet, as it's such a minefield. There's now only one minefield left: the first Dutch definitive set with all its different types. But I'm going to a stamp shop in The Hague (Holland) in September where they have the types all sorted, so I'm hoping to master that area soonish too! But first, let's go to the Netherlands Indies.

In 1942, the Japanese occupied the Netherlands Indies and separated the area in three administrative regions: Java, Sumatra, and Borneo and the Great East. While new issues were designed and issued for Java, Sumatra had to make do with various overprints on existing stamps before a set of definitives was finally issued by the Japanese in 1943. The overprints can be subdivided into many groups.

First we get the provincial printings of Sumatra. This here is a two-line overprint used in the province of Lampung.

There are two types of overprint, this is the one where the legs of the "M" are slanting.

More tomorow!