The Americans know how to make definitives. I've always been fond of their "Great Americans" set and the accompanying "Transport" set, but I've recently rediscovered a more recent set. I don't know if it has a name, but the stamps depict all sorts of American artefacts from not too long ago. Here's a few.

And these are my favourites. I especially like the Tiffany lamp!

Our friend Paula, who lives in the US, has been sending me stamps ever since she found out I collect them (thank you, dear!). We received another letter from her yesterday, and it had a value on the envelope which I did not have yet and which I like very much.

I just had a look at the US Post website and noticed that there's one more value to complete the set, a 3c with a silver coffee pot on. It's a bit of a shame, though, that they're self-adhesive (apart from the 1c value). This makes 'em so hard to collect as mint singles! Used copies always look pristine though, so that's a bonus!