Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I was doing Belgium last night and came across this stamp.

Nothing to write home about, I know, it's the 3f bistre-brown, issued in 1951 as part of a definitive set depicting King Leopold III. But then I came acros this stamp.

It's an awfully torn copy, I know, but look at the colour. It's bright orange! And it is not mentioned in any of the catalogues I have (Stanley Gibbons and Michel). There is no mention whatsoever of shades and the colour is so bright that I don't think it's a faded or sun-coloured bistre-brown stamp.

Any ideas what it could be? Does maybe Scott or Yvert say anything about this? Let me know!


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thomas said...


According to my catalogue (Official Belgian catalogue, 2002) there are two types of this stamp: a bistre-brown one and a bistre-yellow one.

I also think this one is more orange than yellow, but I guess you have the bistre-'yellow' version of this stamp.

Other versions do not seem to exist.

Best wishes