I was doing Belgium last night and came across this stamp.

Nothing to write home about, I know, it's the 3f bistre-brown, issued in 1951 as part of a definitive set depicting King Leopold III. But then I came acros this stamp.

It's an awfully torn copy, I know, but look at the colour. It's bright orange! And it is not mentioned in any of the catalogues I have (Stanley Gibbons and Michel). There is no mention whatsoever of shades and the colour is so bright that I don't think it's a faded or sun-coloured bistre-brown stamp.

Any ideas what it could be? Does maybe Scott or Yvert say anything about this? Let me know!



Anonymous said…

According to my catalogue (Official Belgian catalogue, 2002) there are two types of this stamp: a bistre-brown one and a bistre-yellow one.

I also think this one is more orange than yellow, but I guess you have the bistre-'yellow' version of this stamp.

Other versions do not seem to exist.

Best wishes