I'm usually not a fan of all the byproducts that Royal Mail is pouring out over us lately, but every now and then there's one that I would like to add to my collection. So too this Smilers sheet for Wales.

I know it doesn't show up on the scan but the sheet is larger than A4, so it's huge and there's no way of mounting it let alone keeping it safe somewhere. There's a perf through the middle so it would be possible to tear it in two but that would spoil it rather, wouldn't it?!

The reason I bought it is that it is the only source of the self-adhesive 1st class Wales stamp. All other versions are on good old-fashioned gummed paper.

Now, the sheet is in two halves, a Welsh half and an English half. That is a nice way of doing things but then, one should do it properly. But we are al familiar with Royal Mail's indifference to stamp matters, so here's two obvious mistakes:

Caernarfon is the Welsh name, the English name is Carnarvon.

Cader Idris is the English name for the mountain, Welsh should be Cadair Idris. This, by the way, is the mountain we always used to climb when we still lived in Wales. It was less than an hour from us, quite a climb, but happy memories!...



nnnnnn said…
Adrian, I do agree with all you say .. and that is a nice sheet.. haven't seen one myself..

Get it framed.. with non reflective glass and keep out of direct sunlight.. will look stunning me thinks...

great articles .. best wishes Michael
Cwlcymro said…
Caernarfon is the only name for the town. While the "Caernarvon" version was used in the past it is no longer an official name for the town and is never used while writing in either language.

You're totally correct about Cader Idris being Cadair Idris in Welsh though.