I mentioned in a previous entry that the Juliana En face definitives were the last ones that were used both in the Netherlands and the overseas territories. After that set, all territories either went their own way regarding designs or became independent. In the Netherlands Antilles, the Juliana stamps were replaced in 1958 by the Disberg set, so named after its designer. It proved a popular set, for new stamps were issued until 1977! In that year, booklets appeared with a number of Disberg values. Here's one of them.

Booklets often provide varieties and the main variety on these booklets were the imperforate sides. The example shown here is from the bottom part of the booklet and has therefore three imperforate sides, whereas all the other stamps in the booklet only have two imperforate sides.

I must admit though, that such varieties may be interesting, but as single stamps they don't look as nice. Take note, Sweden!