(a philatelist's psychological case study)

So there I was, yesterday, at South West Congres in Ayr, buying this

(for my Dundrennan collection), and this

(for my "Trials with machine cancellations on Wilhelmina stamps" collection), and this

(same reason), and then I went to another dealer and saw all those beautiful stamps (early Laos is absolutely stunning, remind me to show you some at a later date!) and I thought I don't want all those covers and cards, I'm not a cover collector, I'm not a postal historian, why not give in and give up and get what I really want, which is stamps

and stamps

and stamps!
So when I was home I decided to do just that and forget about all those covers, somehow try and get rid of them and just build up a collection of wonderful stamps.

But then this morning when I was scanning the cards for this blog, I couldn't help checking whether I had any of the cancellations and of course there were a few that I didn't have yet, and, oh, wouldn't it be nice to have good collection of all these trial cancels, and there I go again! Lost, completely lost!


Is it just me or do you recognize this at all?
Anyway, conclusion (for the time being, nothing as fickle as a philatelist): do include covers for my Wilhelmina collection, but don't bother with my world collection.

To be continued, for sure...!



nnnnnn said…
Adrian.. excellent viewpoint.. surely I would be rich if I hadn't succumbed to buying this and that .. but just put money into bank instead .. arrgghh.. but would I be happy... I doubt it.. with stamps around me.. covers and stamps and cancellations.. what a wonder to behold and study and learn and enjoy ...and make me happy ... looking at a bank staement takes 1 second.. !!!! enough said..