One event, two completely different design approaches!

When Queen Wilhelmina celebrated her Silver Jubilee, the Dutch were getting into the grip of modernism. This is very obvious from the way they designed the Silver Jubilee stamps. It's a highly stylized and mathematical design of a woman on a throne. Even though it's rather modern (specially for that time, after all, we're talking 1923 here) it does somehow work and the small upright format of the actual stamp helps it a lot too.

Funny then, that the Dutch did not dare be modern when it came to the designs for the colonies. Instead rather old-fashioned designs were chosen, like this one for Surinam. But again, it may be a bit old-fashioned, it still works wonders and I think is a beauty of a stamp.

Both exhume royalty and/or dignity I think, each in its own way. Couldn't choose which one I'd prefer. Just as well I don't have to, 'cause they're both very happily included in my Wilhelmina collection!