Well, I'm finally back from Holland, and roaring to go back to stamps! Although I did have some quality stamp time over there as well! I also went to the Mauritshuis in The Hague, a museum of Dutch Masters. Picked up a few postcards of paintings that were used on stamps. Nice addition to the collection!

Normally I'm not too keen on having paintings reproduced on stamps. It often just doesn't work because of the size limitations of a stamp. And to have these enormous stamps in an album doesn't do anything for me either. But here's an example of how it could be done.

It's a stamp from the 1937 Child Welfare set from Holland. The design is by Pijke Koch and it is based on a painting by Frans Hals. This is the original painting.

As you can see, the stamp design is not just a simple copy of the painting but the painting has been incorporated in the overall design. A beauty of a painting and a beauty of a stamp!