And here's me thinking that the Germans are so thorough! But there's little left of this proverbial thoroughness because what happened last month?

A visitor to a Berlin stamp fair walked up to the assistants of Deutsche Post and showed them two sheetlets of this stamp,

wanting to know what it was as he couldn't find it in the catalogue. No wonder, because this stamp was never issued! It was prepared for issue but when a proposed rate change never materialized and the "Tourist Sights" set was discontinued anyway, the stamp was never actually issued!

Deutsche Post apparently still has no idea how the two sheetlets could end up in private hands, but allegedly they're being rather secretive about it so it might well be an "inside job"!

Oh well, they do know how to make beautiful stamps though! So bring back the Tourist Sights definitives (and the Famous Women definitives as well, please!) and get rid of those unimaginative flower stamps!


(sources: DBZ and "Filatelie" website)