I'm usually not too keen on any modern stuff that Royal Mail is churning out these days, but every now and then they come up with a nice set of stamps. Earlier this year they issued a set of ten bird stamps, of which this one is my favourite.

Now I'm quite partial to bird stamps, although I will admit that they can be a bit samey. But this is a very well executed set, I think. I like the colour scheme and I like the fact that they're all 1st class stamps, so they can actually be used on your post! Although I must admit I haven't seen any yet, but then, I suppose they were on sale in post offices for like a day or so. But, credit where credit due, they've come up trumps!

All we need now is a proper year of issue on each and every stamp, and were there! Or is that just me being chronologically deranged?



nnnnnn said…
Adrian, first time I have seen these.. look really good..

too many GB issues to keep up with I am afraid.. let alone cost..

I missed these, I really did... have you seen any postally used.. :-) a set would be nice...and probably will be really high cat in the next few years!!!!!!!!

Next years GB issues???.. who is buying them?? rich people I guess!!

Best wishes and Merry Christmas ... hope the snow is not too deep.. michael