France has this very pleasant habit of honouring its older definitives. The by now almost standard format is to issue booklets of 10 (in the inland letter rate, so no real cashing in!) with five modernday definitives and five definitives in the old design. This started with the Semeuse stamps, back in 2003, and since then we've had various Mariannes being treated the same way. Last month we were treated to the latest instalment: a version of the Marianne de Cheffer design.

This definitive was in use from 1967 onwards. It was a very small set, with only three values, but there are some colour and printing type changes etc. However, the set was soon replaced by the Marianne de BĂ©quet set in 1971. That's not one of the best designs, I don't think, although you could say it's nice in all its simplicity, but I'm glad we'll have to wait at least until 2011 to have this design revamped!



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In fact there are almost 8 differents stamps, plus booklets etc ..
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