Yes, I've managed to find another one! Here's a die proof of the 1945 definitive set from Surinam.

The stamps are designed and recess-printed by the American Bank Note Company. The lower values, up to 7.5c, were pictorial definitives with a portrait of Wilhelmina in the corner. Higher values were based on the same portrait only. Here's a closer look at the proof.

Die proofs were made for all pictorial values. These were all made in black, as they were proof printings of the die and not meant to be proof printings of the colours to be used. The die proof is stuck on a cardboard piece which (if I can read it properly) has written in the bottom right corner: "Last / March 28/45".

I suppose this "Last" means that this was the final die proof made, and that from this proof the die was accepted and used for printing the eventual stamps. Here's the eventual stamp itself.



King Qi said…
hi mate - great stamp site. i just started a stamp blog of my own. comments on how i can improve it are most welcome. :)
Anonymous said…
I really like this stamp; it seems the designer really balanced things well. Where did you find this stuff?

I like the blog too; I hope there are more posts soon. I reviewed this blog on mine here.